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Concrete Finishing Equipment

Poker Drive Unit

5.5hp Honda petrol drive unit.
Weight 28kg

Vibrating Pokers

Vibrating Pokers available in the following sizes:-
26mm, 32mm, 45mm, 50mm, 60mm, 75mm


Big Blue Hand Float

Used to improve the surface texture of wet
concrete slabs after screeding.
Float length 4ft
Weight 15kg

Magic Screed

Used to level and stirke off concrete, giving a
smooth surface. Comprises an engine assembly
and blade.
Weight Engine Assembled 12.7kg
10ft (3m) Blade 14.6kg

Power Float

Required to trowel large areas of wet concrete.
Pan diameter 36”
Weight 86kg

Double Beam Screed

An accurate and efficient way to compact and
level concrete slabs, rafts and floors up to
150mm thick.
Unit Weights 50kg
Blades available (2 required)
4.2m Weight 37.8kg each
5.2m Weight 46.8kg each
6.2m Weight 55.8kg each


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