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Hydraulic Immobiliser            

  • Operates by isolating a combination of machine hydraulics
  • Thatchman Category 3 Approved
  • 100 million key combinations
  • Full satellite integration possible
  • Recognised by UK Plant Insurance Industry


Electronic Immobiliser       

The Lion KPP Immobiliser is a keypad controlled, three-circuit  immobiliser specificall designed for construction plant equipment. The keypad is 100% waterproof and designed to withstand attacks.


Assett Recovery System

  The system has been specifically designed to beat the
problems of asset theft faced by the plant industry. It is an
ideal low-cost theft recovery technology for plant hirers or
operators to protect and manage stock.
  • Protect equipment you've never been able to before, including trailers, generators, etc.
  • Transfer it between Assets, allowing you to protect high value, high risk equipment as necessary.
  • Track the system outdoors and indoors, unlike GPS
    tracking systems, which rely on line-of-sight to the sky.
  • Protect your property for upto 2 years, before the battery needs re-charging.
  • No external wiring and Stealth Mode mean the system is virtually undetectable to thieves and scanning equipment.
  • Water and dust resistant (IP67 rated) and suitable for use on high-impact equipment (accelerated stress tested up to 10,000hz).

Mechanical Deterrent

Cab Guards & Rubber Tracklock


We can also arrange through an approved source to get your plant registered on the CESAR (constructions Equipment Security and Registration) System.


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